Early Modern Research Cluster @ UBC

The Early Modern Research Cluster (EMRC) is inspired by a desire – expressed by colleagues and students in different departments – for a multidisciplinary community with shared and varied interests in early modern studies. The EMRC seeks to create such a community and to foster dialogue and debate. It will serve as a forum for faculty, graduate and interested undergraduate students, and affiliates and colleagues beyond UBC. The EMRC conceives of ‘early modern’ as global and flexibly ranging from 1300-1800.

This year, the EMRC will launch a colloquium series with talks given by UBC faculty from different departments. The meetings will be casual and talks will range from works-in-progress, to pre-circulated papers and polished presentations. The aim is to expand our scholarly community by meeting a few times a year to learn about and be inspired by each other’s work, and to discuss our interest in early modern studies.

Please contact John Christopoulos (john.christopoulos@ubc.ca) for more details.


2017-2018 Schedule

Meetings will be held in Buchanan Tower, room 1197. They will take place on Fridays from 2-4.

Term 1

Nov. 3: Mauricio Drelichman (Economics) – “The long-term consequences of the Spanish Inquisition”

Nov. 17: Elizabeth Hodgson (English): “Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Clown: Contract Actors on the Shakespearean Stage”

Dec. 1: Alexander Fisher (Music): “Bells and Apotropaic Magic in Post-Reformation Germany”

Term 2

Meetings will be held in Buchanan Tower, room 1197. They will take place on Fridays from 2-4.​

19 January: Coll Thrush (History): “Dawnland Telescopes: Making Colonial Knowledge in Algonquian London, 1585-1630″

16 February: Bruce Rusk (Asian Studies): “Powerful Imagination: Chinese Maritime Networks of the Fifteenth Century in the Eighteenth Century World”

9 March: Kim Beauchesne (FHIS): “Bridging Transatlantic and Transpacific Studies: Spanish, Japanese, and Nahua Narratives about the Keichō Embassy (1613-20)”

6 April: Patricia Badir (English): “Fixing Affections: Nicholas and John Ferrar and the Books of Little Gidding”